Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night I found myself in Williamsburg at a wedding, and boy I had such a blast. First, I really enjoyed the whole process of getting ready. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a girl, you know? I mean, when was the last time I wore powder and blush...uhm, never? And I forgot how much fun it is seeing everyone all decked out. Everyone looked stunning.

Second, it's always nice when there are a few people you know at your table. Plus it was a friendly crowd, so our loud conversation caused others to chime in. It was great. And lastly, I had fun dancing. No, I wasn't in the lines with the 19 year olds; I learned that lesson long ago, the hard way. Although a girl did step right on my big toe with her heel right after I entered the hall, so even if I had wanted to dance like a lunatic, I would have had to taken a pass. I even did a little twirl with one of my friends as we were going out to the car. Yeah, some people shot us a look, but to heck with them, I say!

All in all, a really nice night out. My only complaint is that my ride wanted to leave before dessert. But, always resourceful, I just had a fruit plate when I got home. :p

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