Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The List

The first day of Shavuous, I was treated to a wonderful surprise: Barb Chansky showed up to lunch! I was literally hopping up and down in excitement. Any meal with Barb is a meal worth eating!

While we were sitting on the couch catching up, as is our minhag when we bump into each other at our gracious hostess, Barb dropped a real pearl. She pointed out that I had reached my "boiling point" where Brooklyn was concerned. Barb, as usual, you hit the nail right on the head!

So the past few days I've been thinking that I need to start thinking about remaining in New York on a short-term basis. To that end, I need to decide how long I need to be in New York, where I should go next, and what I need to do in my remaining time between point A and point B. Because as much as New York has so much to offer, let's face it- I never have the simultaneous time, energy AND money required to partake in any of the many exciting things going on here. As much as I love museums, and music, and the parks, I never get around to any of them, because it's too much of schlepp just to get there and back. So instead I live in New York and basically just work, cook, clean, and sometimes sleep. Not much of a life.

So I've begun to really think about what type of lifestyle makes me happy. And I'm making my list of Things To Do Before I Leave New York. If anyone has suggestions for fun stuff to do, feel free to post your comments...or post your comments regardless!

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