Monday, June 22, 2009

Immediate Hangup

I decided to do the proper thing a couple of weeks ago, and in the midst of my pre-Shabbos calls, rang my hostess from that second day Shavuous/Shabbos lunch to thank her. After all, the last time I had been at her house was years prior, and it was nice of her to invite me upon my calling her up out of the blue.

She picked up the phone, obviously busy in the middle of her preparations. Her tone, however, conveyed most emphatically that I was some type of weirdo for making the courtesy call. The upshot? She said "Thank you" and hung up. Immediately. No "Good Shabbos". No social niceties. Just the ol' dial tone in my ear.

Now, I get she was busy. I also get she never thought I would be calling anytime soon. But if someone calls to say "Thank you", shouldn't you indicate that the call is ending in some fashion versus simply hanging up?

It was the perfectly ending to the whole saga, and oh so very Brooklyn.


  1. So very shtettel - beyond rude and stupid

  2. What would you prefer, "thanks dude"?
    I prefer email/IM to phone calls. Talking on the phone is a waste of time.