Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Step Away from the Eggplant!

Returning home from the GP yesterday, I thought I would pick up a few items at a different green grocer than my usual one, since it was on my way. I actually used to frequent the one from yesterday, but had stopped when my regular one opened up shop.

Within seconds of entering yesterday, I remembered why I had stopped shopping there. The aisles are narrow beyond belief, the place is always packed, they only have baskets that weigh down quickly with your items, and the line is typically out-the-door.

As I was waiting in the long line to the cashier, the Russian lady behind me decided to chat me up, despite her meager English. She consequently took to touching me to get my attention and otherwise specify what she was trying to convey. However, when she wiped her nose then touched my eggplant and asked why I had only bought one, I almost snapped. It's one thing to infect my eggplant; it's another to question my purchasing habits.

I shrugged then let her go ahead of me so I could be rid of her. I think I'll be staying with my current green grocer from now on...

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