Monday, June 8, 2009


Call it Yad Hashem, but I'm having quite the up-down day.

First I woke up at 7 AM, aka too early considering my lack of sleep due to last night's unofficial neighbourhood party (see Inspired). Anyhow, since it was actually quiet enough for me to think (for once), I proceeded to claim my first week of UI. That's when I found out that I have to place my latest job on my old, existing claim, which will expire shortly. Given that previously I have wound up being left out in the cold because I *GASP* worked and therefore keep having claims expire, I decided that I should call Albany and find out where I was holding. The critical question was how long can I actually expect to receive payments, with the short amount of time remaining before the current claim expires.

As a sidebar, I have been shocked twice in as many weeks by speaking to UI agents that were exceedingly pleasant and cordial. What a difference from previous years! Today's lady was thankfully most accommodating, and allayed my fears about getting cut off. She even took the time to inform me that Governor Patterson just implemented new extensions, so I would surely be alright for quite a while (bli ayin hara). In short, the day started off on a pretty happy note, complete with an excellent cup of iced coffee (I've started drinking whole milk and am loooovvvvving it) and a nice chunk of Hershey's Special Dark. Breakfast of Champions, people!

The day continued on a nice upturn for a few more hours. I applied to a new job posting, got a recommendation for a job I worked a few years ago, and went for coffee with my DEH, his best friend, and his best friend's son (the latter two being in town for a short visit). The problems actually began prior to my exiting the house for the stated coffee klatch; I was going through some boxes of unpacked stuff, looking for my old Hot Wheels collection. As I was rummaging through everything, trying to find a Ferrari to give the boy (who at age 5 is the perfect age for such a treasure) and I stepped on a nail. Between last week's window incident and today's nail, I'm wondering what my problem is these days.

Since my last tetanus shot was in 2000, I figured I should call my GP to see if I needed to come in. I was expecting, this being New York, that the doctor would say I should. After all, they all want their money- who cares if a booster is good for 10 years and only 8 1/2 have passed? They said the doctor would be calling me around noon, and because I know how it goes here in Brooklyn, I didn't even bother waiting in and went out for the coffee with the three guys, as planned. Sure enough, no answer by 4 PM, when I called again and got confirmation to come in. Sigh. Another co-pay in one week.

Then the real tragedy happened just a few minutes ago. Last week I had taken RiteAid up on their king-size Hershey Special Dark for $1. Due to my having polished off the last piece of the first bar this morning, I went to open the remaining bar fora well-deserved nosh (I spent two hours this afternoon doing my filing for the past 6 months). Would you believe? I opened up the wrapper, and the entire bar fell to the floor and smashed to pieces.

A nail in the foot is one thing. But wasting an entire bar of chocolate? Oh the horror!


  1. Whole milk is the way to go. Anything less than 1.5% fat is just colored water, with 1.5% being colored sugar water. And based on your postings, it's hard for me to believe that one cannot eat off your floor.

  2. Funny?! Funny?! Get real! This a horror. Chocolate on the floor?! How can anyone comment this is funny? Chocolate on the floor is like halva on the floor.