Monday, June 8, 2009

Pigeon Brain

Due to my having felt under the weather the past week, what with the concussion and all, I didn't give much thought to my allergies. I mean, sure I was suffering like everyone else, but since I've been trying to avoid taking medication for it (the medication exacerbates some of my other health issues), I assumed I should continue to refrain.

Then late in the day yesterday I noticed that I was running low on sugar, so I decided to got to ShopRite. Without taking Zyrtec. I am officially a dodo, because within seconds of exiting onto the street, my eyes were tearing up so much that I could barely see. How I walked to ShopRite, procured the sugar, and walked home is quite the mystery to me. Almost as much a mystery as how, upon returning to my apartment, the tearing abruptly ended.

I think I'll be taking the Zyrtec from now on, no? :p

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