Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

At a time when President Obama is "walking the fine line" with the Arab world, it makes me so very proud to contrast the President's tactics with those of my fair land's Prime Minister.

Granted, PM Stephen Harper is an evangelical, so his position is pretty knee-jerk. However, taken in light of the pernicious anti-semitism that has dogged Canada since the country's inception, his staunch support of Israel and his blatant stance against anti-semitism is nothing short of remarkable.
And my all-time favourite:

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  1. Words of insight, passion borne of truth, leadership paramount - these are the adjectives that describe the Right Honorable Stephen Harper. He is both right and honorable. Let his perception of Israel as the Light of Inspiration inspire us to stand with our brethren in prayer, in Torah Learning, in mitzvots, in the performance of good deeds, and most importantly, in the nurturing of brotherhood and sisterhood within our Glorious People.