Monday, June 1, 2009

Crash, Boom, Bah Humbug!

Late in th afternoon, after airing out the apartment all day and preparing to actually exit the apartment to run some errands (see Please Repeat), I went to close the kitchen window. This window has been malfunctioning since I moved in 3+ years ago, and has been unable to close fully for several months after its track disintegrated into nothingness. I have had to prop the window open a crack recently using a leftover slab of wood from the supply I have for propping up the air conditioners. Anyhow, when I went to close the window, the whole window popped completely off its frame...and onto me. I managed to injure my wrist, arm and thigh in the process. Although returning the window to the frame didn't really help matters.

Then last night, at 1 AM, I heard a nice crash. The window had been pushed out again by the wind. I once again wrestled the thing back into place (why are windows so cumbersome?). Aside from exacerbating my swollen wrist/arm/leg, not to mention stressing my mid-section, I felt really uneasy. Who's ever heard of a window popping out because of wind in New York? I mean, I lived down south, through hurricanes, and the most that ever happened is the screens getting ripped off and hurtling against the windows...and the windows withstanding the battering intact. So this was just bizarro bad.

This morning, the landlord's father came and popped it back onto the scraps left of the track. The landlord is supposed to come by later in the week to properly fix it. Here's to hoping that the whole thing just ends up being replaced, because it's time. Heck, while I'm hoping, here's to no more surprises, bli ayin hara!

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