Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I got this in my email earlier in the week, and have been having so much fun with it, I figured I would post it here. It's pathetic, I know, but I really do find such emails valuable because you find out little tidbits about people you would never learn otherwise.

Four, Four, Four, Four...
  1. Four places that I go to over and over: Green Grocer (Rossman Farms), Walgreens, the little room to blog on my laptop, the kitchen.
  2. Four people who email me regularly: Silky, Ed, Irit, Barb Chansky (via comments on our blogs).
  3. Four favourite smells: Lilacs, cookies baking, vanilla, the Body Shop's Brazil Nut Butter.
  4. Four places that I would rather be: Bed, Canada, California, with Ed McMahon winning the lottery.
  5. Four people I think will respond: Limor, and then it's anyone's guess. :p
  6. Four TV shows I watch: Lost, Gossip Girl. But if you had to ask that, you probably don't know me too well!
Feel free to share your answers!

P.S. Silky commented that I'm so Canadian because I said green grocer. I told her I couldn't think what Americans say instead- fruit stand? Farmer's market?

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  1. This is the first time I'm hearing the term Green Grocer. I call Rossman Farms, never remember the name, "Israeli fruits and vegetables store on M".
    I guess you can call it a produce store or something. It's definitely not a Farmer's Market, that's by Court Street.