Sunday, June 14, 2009

At Last

(No, the kid downstairs isn't quiet yet. That would constitute a miracle...)

I had two amazing things happen this week. And to be clear, what was amazing about them was that they happened in Brooklyn!

Wave 'Em In
I was walking down Avenue M for some reason, and waited at a corner for the light. Two elementary school-aged boys were waiting on their bikes at the opposite corner, and asked if I would supervise them crossing. I agreed, and when I remarked that they had to dismount and walk their bikes across the street, they did so. That two young children listened to their parents teachings and didn't just dash willy-nilly across the street was heart-warming. That they listened to me was downright astonishing.

The Line That Worked

I was waiting at the Dollar store when a second worker opened up an alternate register. Since there was a gentleman ahead of me also waiting, I asked whether he was tranferring to the other register. As we were conversing, the Russian gentleman behind me made a hasty dash to the newly opened counter. The gentleman ahead of me told me he was sticking with the current line, so I proceeded to the alternate counter. As the cashier was still opening up the counter when I arrived, Mr. Russian had not yet been served. I decided I would speak up, and gave him a polite yet firm "Excuse me". He gave me a "Yeah sure" in a tone that definitely stated b*tch, but I couldn't care less. More to the point, the cashier gave me a sly smile, pleased as punch.

For both instances, I gave Hashem a mental "Thank you" for making my day. :p

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