Sunday, March 8, 2009

YouTube Mania

My general attitude on YouTube? Make it work for you. I once heard a teenager exclaim, on Shabbos no less, that it's his favourite site, and while I'm not that level of enthusiastic, I admit that YouTube has its uses.

First, where else can you find videos for your every mood? If I'm feeling extra-frummie, I'll listen to MBD or watch Rabbi X visiting Y. If I'm feeling my usual level of frummie-ness, I may catch some fan vids for my two shows-of-late. And if I'm feeling just plain ol' homesick for the Great White North, there's plenty to fill the void.

This past week I stumbled upon one of the funniest videos I've seen. Period. Granted, you really need to be from Canada to even remotely get the humour. But it was hysterical, and definitely not in a feel-good, frummie way. Then, just now, to equal my current cornball mood, I came across this transparently fake, yet aw-shucks-worthy vid.

Cat Plays Risk

I'm telling you, I'm becoming a total softie in my old age!

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