Monday, March 2, 2009

Let It Snow!

I didn't think it could get worse at work. It did. My team has now entered the territory where our manager is downright over-the-line. I mean, it's beyond hellish. But, B'H', at least it's a job when there are literally no others in my field out there right now. So as I said to my co-teammate, we either keep sucking it up get the picture.

I haven't had time the past week or so to do anything. I marvel that I even managed to post the few lines that I did. Between working like a swirling dervish and fighting whatever I've been fighting since last month, I didn't even find time to get to the pharmacy to fill my fistful of prescriptions.

So when I saw the wonderful snow outside today, it really bolstered my spirits. Finally, a real snowfall, and even more wonderful- it fell when Brooklyn should be transitioning into spring already. A guilty pleasure indeed. And while it is by no means a Canadian snow (the multiple inches had basically melted by the time I went outside an hour ago to finally procure the said prescriptions), it almost felt like an early winter day back home. You know, like November.

That said, all the birdies were busy hiding somewhere other than my landlord's tree. So to remind ourselves that spring is a-coming, here is a picture of a beautiful cardinal that came to give me chizuk the last week, just when I needed to hear his cheery "chip, chip, chip, chiiiiirrrrrp!". :)

Isn't he just precious? Hashem's world is just marvelous...

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