Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad News

Since I had a box of unopened Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, I decided to email the KLBD regarding whether the box was kosher l'Pesach year-round. Here was the response (they are amazingly quick, btw; I sent the email erev Shabbos! ).

Kosher.org.uk - Message From Website
From: Kosher Info (info@kosher.org.uk)
Dear ____

Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea is not Kosher for Pesach.

Kind regards


Michal Eder
Kashrut Researcher
Kashrut Division

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There you have it. I'll have to settle for Wizzotsky tea for me over Pesach, it seems. Unless someone knows where to find kosher l'Pesach Red Rose. Gosh, do I miss that brand. And please, don't even bother suggesting Lipton. I'll never forget the first time I drank a cup; I had the distinct feeling that I was drinking recycled tea. YUCK.

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