Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pesach Cleaning, Flatbush Style

Amazingly, I spent from 10 AM-5 PM Pesach cleaning today. That's nonstop, except for the break I took at a quarter to noon to daven. Ok, and to have a bowl of ice cream. It has cookie bits so it's chometz and a mitzvah if I eat it!

The funny part of it all is that once I hunkered down and started doing it, it really wasn't all that bad. And, since I had already decided that this year I would be a bastion of practicality and restraint, I made pretty good headway. In short, I've avoided the temptation to go overboard, which basically home means I've decided that while I'll scour the counters, I'll refrain from the boiling water part, and that I'll rinse off containers of hand soap that are kosher l'Pesach instead of buying new ones.

And you know what? Suddenly Pesach is looking a whole lot more enjoyable than the last few. And when you stop to think that people used to just sweep their floors and sell their chometz, isn't that the whole point?

Works for me!

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