Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kitniyos Free Zone

I went to Moishas earlier to do the Shabbos shopping, and to my utter horror found the place to already be free of most kitniyos. Most of my fellow patrons were similarly roaming the aisles, desperate to find the few cans of corn and other Shabbos necessities left. I very begrudgingly resigned myself to the fact that my scheduled Shabbos dish of dilled peas would have to be substituted by broccoli salad.

And yet, what really got my goat was that Shushan Purim was barely over, and here I already found myself having to give up kitniyos! What gives?! I mean, I can understand turning over the shop by this weekend, because many women in Flatbush are already beginning to cook and freeze by then. But tonight? Can't we have one final kitniyos-loaded Shabbos before the countdown kicks off? WHO MADE THIS DECISION?

The non-Pesach selection was so contradictory, it was almost comical. I say almost, because I was really fuming. Or, to quote a fellow shopper, "I can't deal!". No canned beets. Since when are beets assur? Frozen green beans gone, but fresh available. Frozen corn and peas gone, but canned available. Bread, corn chips, and other definitely problematic items? Plentiful. Yet I literally had to cry out "No!" and swipe a bag of okra before the stockboy pulled them all out of the freezer case. It was surreal.

So hey, thanks so much Moishas. Not only are you feeding into the insanity, you're helping make the women folk miserable well before they need to be. Why make things so inconvenient a full month before Pesach? It's almost enough to make someone fry out, chasve shalom.


  1. I was trying to find seltzer in its usual location today, and realized that it relocated because the store is getting ready for Pesach.

  2. And some of us keep Sephardi minchagim, so I am doubly offended. Though I didn't shop since Purim, but I am sure it will be loads of fun. Can you find product X in under ten minutes? should become a new reality series. I gotta say all this craziness takes all the fun out of pesach...

  3. SW, as my DH put it, it's discrimination against the Sephardim aka they would feel as if their patronage is less valued.

    SH, when they start moving seltzer, which are kosher for pesach for the brands the shop carries year-round anyway, you know things are above and beyond. As I commented, the plastic on the checkouts is nice and all, but do they wipe down all the carts? :p It's all for show.