Monday, March 9, 2009

Freilichen Purim/Chag Sameach


Such a great holiday. So many lessons to be learned from this day in our history! I've been busy learning about the meaning behind each Purim mitzvah, and going down my Purim checklist:
  • Taanis Esther: Check!
  • Half shekel: Check!
  • 1st Megillah reading: Check!
  • Shalach Manot Prepared?: Check!
You get the idea. (For those of you who were wondering, I opted for the store-bought items in the end. It just made sense.)

Feel to weigh in on your favourite hamentaschen flavour! In my family, you should know, there was no apricot, raspberry or other "New World" fruit. It was prune or poppy, and prune was what you got if you weren't quick enough to swipe a poppy one. DH was kind enough, when we found poppy hamentaschen at ShopRite the other week, to stash the box at his office so that I didn't consume them all before the chag, LOL. Yes, I was also shocked when I received them this evening, and it hadn't been opened.

May everyone have a wonderfully joyous, meaningful chag! Purim sameach!

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