Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Be Expected

While it's true anytime, in this economic climate, it's particularly true- you can never bank on your job from one day to the next.

Today the axe fell on two workers who suddenly fell outside the scope of the budget for the current contract. The announcement email stated that the plan was to bring them back on board when the next contract is signed. Let's just say that I doubt anyone is holding their breath on that one.

As for me, it added a timbre of apprehension to the latter half of my afternoon. Crazy as this job is, I am most grateful to Hashem for bestowing it on me. And I would love to stay on for the duration of the whole project, which I keep hearing ends next year. That is my hope anyway, bli ayin hara.

So here is a heartfelt "Todah Hashem!" for letting me retain my job today. And, going forward, I'm thinking that it's actually only proper to thank Hashem every day. Period.

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