Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I should sooooo have been in bed about 4 hours ago, especially considering that I have a really important day at work tomorrow. But I've been dealing with a nice case of insomnia the past several days (DUH- look at the time I'm posting). Think it might have a wee something to do with, uhm, my stress level?

But, as always, there's an upside! I was scrounging around on YouTube looking for a few minutes of suitable fodder to induce my much-needed REM cycles. That's where I stumbled upon the final 10 minutes of last night's Gossip Girl. Unlike my other tv addiction, Lost, I find that the tail end of any given GG episode is all I really need to watch. That's just Josh Schwartz's style- things get blazing revved up right at the end. And wouldn't you know it? There, in the final minute or so, I heard a fabulous song with perfect lyrics. The whole experience gave me a tremendous sense of nostalgia for my late '80s/early '90s self. (Have I mentioned I am still squealing that Depeche Mode is touring? Yes, I know I can't go, but still...wouldn't it be cool if I could?)

You can find the song (and lyrics) below. Awesome!

She said she doesn't like it here, left everything back home
She was lost and bitter, broken and alone
She said she drinks too much, to make the nights go by
She was barely conscious, breathing through a straw
She held my hand and kissed my lips
She begged me to help her feel
And I said
I can make you feel it

She said she was a person before they brought her down
She was better than this dark relentless town
She had another lover who kept her in a cage
She had sold her future and buried who she was
And I said
I can make you feel it

"Oh to touch the people, to really feel them"

I can make you feel it

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