Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's A New Sheriff In Town

(Note: I wrote this one a few weeks ago, but only just had the time to tinker around with my camera...)

What with the windstorms last week, it was pretty quiet on the outside cat front (see here for some background). I will admit, I was hoping the kitty-cats wouldn't get smooshed under the flying debris / breaking tree branches, but I figured that hey, cats are resourceful.

Anyhow, I peered out my kitchen window today, which overlooks my other neighbour's backyard, and caught a marvelous sight. It would seem that a Black and White Cat has joined the motley crew, and was perched up on the roof portion of the property's sukkah. In fact, Black and White was busy sunbathing and preening himself like all get out- that is, when he wasn't busy admiring his shadow. All I can say is it suddenly made sense why Tabby Cat has been quiet; Grey Cat has been ousted by Black and White Cat! So let's take a moment, and give what's due to the new sheriff...

I guess that's why they're called queens...Hilarious...

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