Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring in New York

For the past 24 hours, what with the "spring-like" weather here in Brooklyn, I've had a repeat visit of my NYC-only problem: allergies. Either that, or whatever virus has been laying dormant in my system for the past week is finally making a run for it through my system (here's one vote for allergies instead). Anyhow, I am consequently dealing with the same loveliness as last summer, and find myself voice-less. Well, okay, I can still eek out a few words, but what with the inflamed vocal chords, let's face it: nothing I have to say is that crucial, is it?

So basically, while my co-workers are suffering (because it's much harder to explain complicated tasks in emails versus on the phone), my husband has been rejoicing. In fact, I could go on record as saying that his favourite time is any time I'm quiet. :p But seriously folks, while this no talking thing inconvenient, it teaches a few lessons in the area of restraint. One fine example is that I'm still waiting for BB's update as to whether or not he'll be staying with me later in the week, and I would love to just pick up the phone and call him. Instead, I sit here and patiently waiting for him to do so.

So, when forced to not speak, you start thinking about all the words you typically say in a day. Moreover, when you don't speak, you start recognizing that you really can think before speaking- if you refrain from talking for medical reasons, you can definitely pause and mull over what choice words you want to emit before doing so. In short, I find that these allergies of mine prove instructive, aka good reminders of "best practices" when it comes to speech. Or, frankly, words that are best left out.

And hopefully that's how Hashem meant it. :)

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