Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Avian UN

This afternoon, I decided to take a work break, and glanced out my window to take in the pretty snowfall that had been happening all day. I noted that, as is commonplace, the tree in the backyard held some birds.

Then I looked a bit closer. The tree was full of birds, and held not one, but several species: Sparrow, pigeon, robin, and more. All were hanging out in peaceful coexistence with nary a peep, waiting out the storm together. Multiple species even occupied the same branch.

So listen, people, if the birdies can do it, why or why can't we???


  1. Loved the title of your post...
    I guess we can and should learn from everyone, including birds.

  2. Oh, you are funny:) Probably because they do not have free will to abuse, well, at will..