Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Operatic Meow-Meows

I'm sure that I have already mentioned the outside cats that come with my building. As all of you know, I am a sucker for animals. But recently, they have taken to behave in a way that is just too darn cute, albeit cat-like.

There are now but two adult feral cats left in the group. All the others are now in kitty heaven, (courtesy of their having lived on a very busy corner here in Flatbush), although they live on in their litters. Indeed, the kittens that are, you'll excuse the pun, dead-ringers for their deceased parent are mini version of their parent even in personality. I suppose Hashem replicates family dynamics in the animal kingdom.

I noticed recently that the grey cat set up shop on the futon that remained outside in my landlord's back yard post-Sukkot. From late morning until some point in the afternoon when its internal alarm clock sounds, there the kitty sleeps, all curled up in a circle. Being a Yekki and noting patterns, I started to look out the window every few days to see if the cat had deviated from its routine. But I suppose tzaddidim really do reincarnate into cats, because this one sure is a stickler for its schedule. Must be a Yekki tzaddik.

Anyway, this week I noted a new addition to the scene. I looked out, as usual, only to find that the other adult, a tabby, now joins the grey cat. Tabby has taken over the computer chair that is diagonal to the futon. However, Tabby is not patient with Yekki Grey cat, and so she has started to meow, meow to get Grey cat's attention intermittently. Yekki Grey cat, being a Yekki, usually ignores her. At which point, Tabby moves to the ground in front of the futon and continues the concert. When Grey cat departs, so does Tabby, like "monkey see, monkey do". What can I tell you? It's just too cute.

But then again, who am I to judge? This morning, I managed to capture the scene with my birthday gift from the husband, a camera. See for yourself.

I'm thinking I may just have to record it in video and post it on YouTube to get the full effect. Until then, hope you enjoyed this little slice of Brooklyn street culture. :p

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