Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fruity Lesson

A pear sat washed and ready on its plate for me all day long. I finally had mercy on it a while ago, deciding it would make a good dessert to cap off dinner. When I went to slice it, I actually stopped to take a look at it. Normally I don't do so; I just cut up the fruit and eat it!

But I'm glad I took a second to note the beauty of this delicate little fruit. And it got me thinking about- you'll excuse the pun- the nature of things, specifically the hierarchy in our world. Here you have this fruit, which grows on its tree in an orchard. The orchard is part of its ecosphere, just like the penguins in the Antarctic are part of their ecosphere, and so on. In other words, it occurred to me how Hashem's world is divided first into biospheres (from continents into separate topographies into countries, provinces, etc.), which then subdivide into smaller components, all of which remain interconnected.

Now of that's true of something as fabulous yet B'H' commonplace as a piece of fruit, then how much more so are we humans all interconnected. In turn, the condition of one person affects us all. Given that reality, how can we become numb to the plight of another? Because in essence, their problems truly become our problems, and vice versa.

I guess you could say then, that by having dessert this evening, I got a proper reminder that if something as "minor" as a pear is dependent on a gazillion interrelated factors, how much even more so does that apply to our relationship to each other in the klal. Hmm. Maybe I should have dessert more often!

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