Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Men Only

While at ShopRite Monday evening, my eye caught a new product: Pert 3-in-1 for men. The idea? A product that can be used as a shampoo/conditioner or body wash.

I had seen 3-in-1 products before, and have even tried a few. However, I personally found the products to be lacking in at least of the 3 purported areas covered, and have since foregone trying out similar items.

That said, I couldn't help but imagine the marketing/PR guys figuring out how to market this "manly" product. What makes it so manly anyway? The scent? Or is it the fact that any of us who have brothers or husbands already know- that a a non-metro man is the most likely candidate to streamline his "beauty" regime. Can't you just picture it? How many guys have, before the introduction of this Pert product, already tried out swapping their shampoo for soap or vice versa? I'm sure quite a few, and more importantly, I'm sure they found nothing wrong in doing that. And if you're a man, whose skin/hair isn't generally as delicate as a woman's, there is nothing wrong with that.

Still, that was definitely one product that made me twirl around and do a double-take. The potential for SNL routines is unending...

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