Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whenever I'm out in one of our local dining establishments, which is infrequently, one of the dedicated Breslover troops enters to peddle their pamphlets/books. To be honest, it's part of what I enjoy about dining out- a little break in the meal, a fine opportunity to give tzeddakah. And yes, I will admit it, I find there is value in the pamphlets.

Lately the gentlemen have only be offering me the Breslov Calendar. I could have had quite the collection thereof by this point for 5769. Which begs the question: how do they know which pamphlets to offer? Because one of the astonishing things about these guys is that they inevitably offer reading material that is precisely what one needs at the given moment.

Now granted, most of the Breslov pamphlets are, shall we say, slightly generic in tone. So one could suggest that the offered pamphlets will always find a suitable home with whomever purchases them. But my experience has been that there is variation between the different titles. Which leads me to believe that either the troops are schooled in reading people exceptionally well, to the end that they can discern one's unspoken needs, or they are in fact all tzaddikim and consequently recruited.

All I can say is that I'm blown away ever time by how appropriate the pamphlets given are to the recipient's life at that given juncture. That said, what the heck does it mean that they're only offering me the calendar??? (Be kind in your responding post, please. :p )


  1. Hey, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar:) And you are a tzadeket, because they usually annoy me

  2. Hmm. Maybe you want to ask my husband for his opinion? Because I'm sure that would provide quite the reality check... ;)

  3. You are a yekki. Maybe, that's why he is giving you calendars?

  4. SW, I guess that's one vote for navuah! ;)