Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom's BDay

It was my Mom's birthday a few days ago, and boy is she just too cute. I called to apologize profusely for not getting a gift to her on time (I can't seem to remember what date it is lately), and she was very non-pulsed. Then again, maybe she was appeased by my singing Happy Birthday to her 3 times. (She claims I still have a good octave, LOL.)

After the singing, she did some of her own. Turns out she composed a little ditty to help her remember her age. I was like, Mom can we mint you? She is just hilarious. When the Rabbi asked her what she'll do next year after she told him about the ditty, she nonchalantly replied that she would think up something else. You go Mommy!

Here's wishing her a happy, healthy, peaceful, contented year, bli ayin hara!!!

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