Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flatbush Gone Mad

It was insanity everywhere this afternoon when I exited the apartment in search of tape. After three long hours of going around the local shops and avoiding all but two because of the sardine-like conditions, I scored two rolls (Thank You Hashem for Bargain Hunters!). Which have since been used up, naturally. I decided that I should be smart and also popped in to Mountain Fruit to score a few yogurts. They were only moderately busy, so I would suggest that if you're around there, you might want to check out their Pesach offerings. FYI, people were parking way up past Ocean Parkway to go shopping at Moisha's Discount.

On a positive note, I finished off the entire house, save doing bedikah chometz and unpacking my Pesach essentials. I even cleaned the bathroom/floors, because I had to put my cleaning supplies away and seal up the closet. It's down to the wire here, and I'm counting the hours until I can plug in my new water urn and have myself a well-deserved cup of tea.

In other news (yes, something besides Pesach. Shocking!), I just got a phone call from BB. He may be coming down the weekend after Pesach. He actually wanted to come down for the Shabbos after Pesach, i.e. the day after the chag, but I told him that between switching back the house and working Friday, I didn't think I could handle a house guest. So instead it's looking like he'll be coming in on the Sunday and staying a few days. WOO-HOO.

Of course, after the disappointment last time, I'm not going to plan anything until he gets on that bus. But it's a nice surprise, which I'm sure I'll enjoy more when I wake up in the morning after getting some sleep, LOL. Here's wishing everyone mazel with their remaining preparations.

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