Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little She-Zam!

I don't what came over me today, but I proceeded to devote the whole day to beauty risk-taking.

First, I woke up and decided that I could and should wash my sheitel myself. Now, despite having previously coiffed a synthetic sheitel- they're practically indestructible, after all- I must admit that to venture into the human hair arena was equal parts stupidity and bravery. But the end result was surprisingly fabulous, thank you very much! In fact, while I'm sure that my friends in the sheitel business would be horrified by the un-poufy nature of the styling, I am very proud to state that I achieved what no sheitmacher had yet achieved in my attempts to have the sheitel styled: I managed to get the darn bangs out of my eyes! And, I must admit that I like the more natural look overall. I'm not Miss "every strand must be perfectly in place" anyway, so I'm pretty thrilled, to say the least. Especially in light of the fact that I was half expecting to ruin the thing. :)

Then, since I did my annual purge of cosmetics post-Pesach (I tend to be very conservative in my expiry estimates; why risk contamination/infection, chasve shalom, if you can just treat yourself to new stock?), I decided to stock up on a couple of eyeshadows. Now you would think, given all the sales on at the various pharmacies, that I would have had zero problem finding a few flattering shades. But alas, I spent more than 4 hours going from shop to shop trying to find a palette that would be neither garish nor blah. Finally, I managed to talk myself into buying 2 trios, and barely got through the door before I ripped open the packages and tried them out. Given that I have unusual colouring (read: dark hair, pale yet warm toned skin, ever-changing eyes), that I had bought green eyeshadow was definitely pushing the envelope. Indeed, I had purchased one of the cheaper brands so that I would only be throwing away $5 or so in case the palette struck out. Yet Hashem decided to let mazel win again (B'H'), and I was shocked by how fabulous all the greens looked on me. Who would've thunk it?

So there you have it. While I don't know what spawned this frenzy of beauty activity, I'm happy to report that all's well that ends well. Sometimes, it really is the small things that count.

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