Monday, April 13, 2009

Chol Hamoed Snippets

Hope everyone had a wonderful time the first days. And got some much deserved rest! So far, chol hamoed has proven a bit eventful. Below are the current highlights:
  • Spent yesterday, which happened to be the one day my husband and I have both had off since forever, schlepping deep into Queens to the finish our tax return at the accountant's. However, we discovered, after wasting two hours there, that the accountant wouldn't have the return ready for us after all. We could've been at the zoo instead! SIGH. Although it was nice to have a reason to, oh, LEAVE THE HOUSE. Hashem only knows that I'm becoming more and more of a hermit each day, LOL.
  • Had a chocolate attack, and having already consumed 6 squares of chocolate and two chocolate chip macaroons, I decided to resort to a 50 calorie Morning Select chocolate pudding. Imagine my surprise to discover that not only had the pudding gone sour despite boasting an expiry date of May 24, but it wasn't kosher l'Pesach- and I had bought it two days before the chag at a "Pesach Superstore". I was less surprised to find the second pudding, which B'H' was kosher l'Pesach, similarly spoiled.
  • Had to buy scotch tape, because it has been raining masking tape all chag. I've consequently gone through almost the whole roll in less than a day reinforcing the useless masking tape. I figure from this point on, if things fall, they fall.
I wonder what the rest of chol hamoed will bring...

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