Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sometimes, no matter hard you try, a situation resolves in a way other than you had hoped. At such junctures, it's often difficult to come to terms with the fact that things aren't as you'd like. Indeed, most of us wind up wasting precious energy, mental/emotional/physical effort, time, and/or money at such junctures trying to force the situation to revert to an ending that's to our liking. And so, instead of surrendering ourselves to the ending that Hashem determined we deserve, we instead waste our resources trying to "control" our destiny.

But when we do so, we're really forgetting Hashem at that moment, because it is He who runs the world. How often, once we simply stop fighting and surrender ourselves to the situation that our pain and suffering is eased? How often do we realize in hindsight that the situation resolved in a way that was ultimately in our favour? And, in turn, how often do we realize that our kicking and screaming about the situation only wound up hurting ourselves?

So, here's to remembering that sometimes Hashem is saying (as our parents used to say, before it went out of fashion) "Because I said so!". Since He is the Father of Us All, who are we to change the inevitable? Try as you might, in the end Hashem's judgement always wins out-whether you like it or not...

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