Monday, April 6, 2009

Phone Home

I finally got a hold of my Mom. Thank Goodness! We caught up and I sang Ma Nishtanah for her- with her coaxing me, because darned if I remembered the words. Either time, LOL.

She in turn told me the following joke:

A snake wasn't feeling well, so he slithered into the doctor's office. After a thorough examination, the doctor exited the room and came back with two small white pills. The snake asked him, "Do you know what's wrong with me"? The doctor said he didn't. So the snake asked "What are those?". The doctor replied "Viagra. You have a reptile dysfunction".

I couldn't stop laughing.

On a less funny note, we commiserated about how hard Pesach is without my Dad and my grandfather. I told her that I've been leaving the sedorim before I hear the songs because I don't want to forget how my Dad sang them. She said that of course I did.

After we swapped stories of our respective Pesach purchases, I let her go to attend to her nightly schedule. Given how I felt when I hung up, I think I'm already overdue for another visit home.

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