Monday, January 19, 2009

Well I'll Be!

Almost daily it seems, I'll be chatting with someone when I'll get a pause or a look. I generally just chalk it up to my blatant Canadian accent.

Just now though I was reading some news online at the Daily Telegraph, and came across a word I didn't know. So I googled for a British Slang dictionary to look up the troublesome word, and aside from finding the definition to the word, made a discovery.

Now, I know that old-school Canadian English, aka what my generation learned as English, remains more closely tied to British English than American English. But I was **shocked** to learn that many of the words in my daily vocabulary are actually British slang. I wasn't aware that so much of Canadian English is in fact British English. I mean, I knew...just not to that extent...

So to everyone who has thus far been confused by my foreigner talk, I apologise. All I can say is that it sure explains a lot!

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