Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ah, Welcome Home!

After my 23-hour day Thursday, I was so very much looking forward to getting a long night's sleep last night. To that end, I promptly finished learning and collapsed around 8:30 PM- a reasonable hour, by Friday night standards.

Alas, my anticipated night of REM cycles was not to be. At 1:30 AM I awoke to find the apartment FREEZING. However, since the landlord controls the heat and often sets the temperature on the cooler side for Shabbos (translation- keeps the temperature a good 10-15 degrees cooler than my liking but still within the boundaries of the law), I expected that after an hour or so the heat would kick in. Such was not the case. It would seem that the heater was once again broken, as it has been in recent months on a few occasions, and the heat did not sputter on until 8:30 AM, at which point I assume they found a goy on the street to flick the necessary switch.

Since my teeth were chattering uncontrollably, despite my donning sweaters and pacing relentlessly in my apartment for well over an hour at a time, I finally decided the heck with it, said Modei Ani, and rapidly finished off all of my tea essence stash. The said tea was depleted by 7 AM, so I was most thankful that the heat returned a mere 90 minutes later. What ensued was an exhausting Shabbos, capped off this evening with my discovering that I am now running a low-grade fever. A fine Welcome Home indeed...

To end on a plus note, I managed to catch up with 4 friends over the course of the afternoon, two of whom I have only seen rarely at best since I got married. While I would have preferred to socialized with them when I was more "with it", Hashem wound up awarding me a nice Shabbos overall.

That said, I wish everyone a Shavua Tov, and I'm off to drink some tea and honey. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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