Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Returns- Yawn?

I have been a rabid fan of "Lost" since I caught the rerun of the series premiere late in December 04. And I will admit that my devotion to the show has historically been at fanatical levels, as evidenced by my one friend who used to check whether the show was on commercial before ringing me.

Yet my recent loss of my tv set has had a fateful effect. Basically, I have gotten over my need to watch my two shows right away. Instead, I know that I have time to catch them online, and more to the point, enjoy reading all the blogs and viewing preview clips to whet my appetite before watching episodes.

My tv, to put it differently, has become dispensable to me. Not so my internet connection, as evidenced this last Friday when my connection was downed for a fretful hour and an half. Everything I do- working, finding zmanim, checking the weather, catching up with friends- is done 99% online. Tv has now joined the ranks of the rest of my life by becoming a subset of my online existence.

Still, I was slightly shocked to recognize last night, as I was reading posts on the return of the show after its 8-month hiatus, that I wasn't psyched. I mean, I've waited 8 months to see the next episode; I can wait another day until it's available online. What happened to me?, I wondered. And then I clued in- I've officially knocked a few years off my age, and defected from Gen X to Gen Y. Now, like my fellow Net Gens, my social nexus and entertainment is all about being plugged in. I'll watch, on my time, in my way.

My husband was quite funny when I shared with him last night that I wasn't excited about the return of my most blatant obsession. "Ok, sit down and stay calm. Hatzalah will be there shortly." But in the words of my new generation whatever. It's no big deal. Because in the end, with the power of time-shifting, I'll catch the new eppies sometime this week.

Until then, you'll excuse me, but I'm going to check out the boards to see what comments Losties have posted thus far. Catch you later!

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