Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pearl of Wisdom

I was speaking to my Mom, and we were telling each other about how our days went, when my Mom dropped a real nugget. I was busy relating the ups and downs of my day and hit the highlight: I found a teapot in exactly the colour that I wanted, so now all I have to do is toivel it, since it's glass. Earlier in the week I found Twinings tea certified by the Beit Din of London, but have been waiting to drink it until I could get my hands on a proper tea pot. Now I'm all set!

Most people, when they review their day, tend to tally up the pros and cons before determining whether the day was "good" or "bad". Not my Mom! Upon hearing about the teapot find, what did she quip?: "Oh, so you had a successful day then!". There's the glass half full people, the glass half empty people, and then there's my mother. By virtue of one good thing happening in a day, the entire day is deemed good.

Now that's the way I hope I can begin viewing my life!

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