Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stop the Insanity!

I was in Moisha's doing my shopping for Shabbos when I overheard a truly frightening conversation. I was busy trying to figure out what type of cheese I should try this week, and the cheese is located, for some merchandising reason I have yet to determine, in the case next to the charein/hummus/herring/salads. The man in question was on the phone and, of course, discussing his order with The Wife.

That's when I heard him utter the unfathomable phrase: "Do you have enough for Pesach?"

Listen people, I'm a Yekki. I thoroughly appreciate organization and foresight. I will even confess to having submitted assignments three weeks early in high school. But even by my standards, preparing for Pesach now, more than a month away from Purim, is premature. We haven't even hit Tu B'Shevat!!! Although I can pretty much guarantee that the woman in question already has her fruit plate cut and in the freezer.

Seriously, it's this type of behaviour that just feeds into the Pesach frenzy that I loathe so much. So everyone, please, do us all a favour- take a deep breath, and relax. And don't think about Pesach again...until after Purim, like the rest of us.

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