Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tally Up

Following my mother's cue (see here for more details), I figured I would score my day.

As expected, much of my workday was spent dealing with office politics. Things have fallen (or escalated, depending how you choose to look at it) to risible levels. Adding insult to injury, as I was out the door late this afternoon (read 5 PM), I received several emails from my supervisor with changes to the deliverables I had posted that same hour. En route to my destination (the library, to return my 6 times renewed and never finished book), I stopped off at the metro to check the balance on my metrocard. This being Flatbush, the metrocard reader of course failed to read my card. After several attempts, I figured I would just let things be.


But then, surprisingly, the next hour was full of up-swings. I found a copy of my favourite Canadian authour on the bookshelf. There was no line at the checkout. Upon returning home and fetching the mail, not only was there only one bill but a package from my artist friend back home. Inside I discovered a lip gloss set and a journey necklace- exactly on time, since I had been contemplating a stopover while out to the lip gloss selection of the $ store. And finally, noting that my supervisor had called whilst I was out, when I rang her, not only was she in a cheerful mood, but she was swapping my existing assignment for a more interesting one.


And that, dear readers, brings the total tally to a whopping WOO-HOO for Team Poutine Cachere. So I will conclude, while the getting is still good, with a hearty B'H', and may things continue in this generally upward and onward pattern. (BLI AYIN HARA!)

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