Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to do?

It couldn't last, of course.

Tonight I come home to find a young guy in beanie and white shirt parking his minivan outside the building. No biggie. As I'm going up the stairs schlepping my books, etc., the guy asks "Are you __?". To my chagrin, he uses my English name, which immediately frames him a bad light. So I turn around and ask him why.

He says he's my landlord's cousin, and he wants to buy the building. Can he come take a look? I told him I didn't understand his question- was he actually asking to see my apartment? He said yes. I then replied in the negative, and turned to continue back up the stairs. He asked if I wanted to speak to the landlord. I told him no, I didn't.

I'm upstairs putting my stuff away, just waiting for it. Sure enough, first the front apartment bell rings, then mine. I say "Yes", and he tells me he has the code for the basement, can I open the downstairs door for him? Since the stated door is for entrance to the upstairs apartments, not the basement, and since the stated code grants him access to the basement without my assistance, I told him no, why should I, who is he, and leave me alone.

The really infuriating part of the saga is that a part of me has been suspecting for months that the landlord was planning to sell. And given that this guy shows up, who I don't know from Adam, and asks for entrance to my apartment- that really got my goat. Why the heck do I care if he sees the building or not? In the end, the only place it'll get me is a rent increase.

So now I don't know how to proceed. What are my rights? How can I be preemptive about documenting the lack of maintenance in the building without creating a situation that gives them grounds for an increase? Any advice/hot line numbers would be most appreciated.


  1. Just because the Landlord sells the building doesn't mean you as a Tenant have to move....especially in Brooklyn. You don't need an attorney and eviction could take a long while. The landlord knows this. This is NOT taking advantage of the system. This IS the law designed to right the wrongs of past landlord transgressions.

  2. Yes. I just don't want to deal at present with all that comes with being evicted, like the hagglers a landlord hires to harass you.