Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Birthday Wish

Since supposedly I am closer to Hashem today (it's now officially 4 Elul), I figure it would only be appropriate if I ask Hashem for a little help and guidance.

First Hashem, please bring Mosiach immediately. It would be lovely to exist in a world where morality, peace, and perfect health existed for all.

Second, please let this year be the year when I truly begin to make progress on all my shortcomings. Let this be the year when, by slowly making real change in my thoughts, actions, and character, I can become elevated spiritually.

Finally, Thank You for allowing me to reach yet another birthday. Until 120!

You Know Who


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Something I wanted to wish you on FB, except you turned off wall posting :-P

  2. Nah, that was just FB. Darn app just doesn't like my e-karma!

  3. Yeah, your e-karma needs its chakras adjusted.