Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vera Wang Knock Offs!

When I saw Barb Chansky on Shavous, at one point in our conversation the topic turned to her footwear. You see, on that occasion, she was sporting a fabulous pair of pink, bejeweled, Vera Wang "flip flops". Then, on a later occasion, I saw Barb in identical flip flops, but this time in brown/gold. Since earth-toned clothing/accessories are my current obsession, to say that I was dazzled by the latter pair would not be an exaggeration. (Barb, keep up the good shopping!)

Well, Hashem must have decided to throw me a bone. Last night, I was given a present, and it was none other than a pair of knock-offs, in bronze/gold no less, of those Vera Wang flippies. (I believe the party from whom I received the gift purchased them at ShopRite, if you're interested in procuring some yourself). The remarkable part of that story is that I never mentioned Barb's footwear to the person from whom I received the present. I guess the gift was truly bashert.

Alas, I now have a bit of a problem. Since I wear stockings outside the house, does anyone have tips of wearing knee-highs, etc. with flip-flops? I would looooovvve to wear these outside the house. After all, something so pretty should be shared with the outside world. :)


  1. The ladies @ the nail salon seem to wear flip flops with tube socks with no apparent difficulty ( though it looks a bit strange).
    Anyhow, There are knee highs and hose that don't have toes or have a special flip flop 'toe' arrangement. Amazing Savings may have it?

  2. Thank you! I'll check put Amazing Savings.

  3. Wear them in good health! Thanks for the honourable mention and for a daily chuckle; plus I am wearing a third reincarnation of those shoes as we speak:)