Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evacuate Now!

You've all heard me complain about the water bugs that saunter into my apartment through the front door, courtesy of the front apartment. Yesterday I made a grotesque discovery. There, in the middle of the afternoon, were 5 gigantic water bugs hanging out in my floor-level, pareve cabinet in the kitchen (aka the cabinet by the stove, where I've seen their friends).

That, my friends, was the very last straw.

I promptly went to Bargain Hunters to procure boric acid. I then ran home, cleaned out the bottom part of said cabinet, causing a melee of activity from its dwellers when their camp-out was disrupted. Iwashed all the items that the buggies had nestled amongst (that was a long cleanup) and proceeded to do a light dusting of the boric acid in the usual spots (under/behind fridge, along baseboard of floor cabinets, under/behind stove)- including a nice heap in the corner by the front door where they like to make their entrance.

Today I concocted a nice soap and water solution and filled my newly purchased spray bottle. Just now the spray bottle executed its initial mission. The given target froze long enough when he sensed my movement to allow me to douse him nicely. How very accommodating of him. I suppose not all of Hashem's creatures have a finely tuned survival mechanism. Let's hope he took the message home to his friends. But just in case:

"Now hear this. Now hear this. Evacuate now or face the consequences. I repeat, evacuate now or face the consequences."

Watch out, buggies. Mama means business!


  1. Tell your blood landlord to get an exterminator!

  2. Dude, stop being such a yekki!
    Take pictures and call 311 and STOP PAYING RENT!!!

  3. I see the Russians have spoken. :)

    Barb, I don't want the landlord to get an exterminator. All that will happen is repeat visits as the bugs move back and forth between the apartments. The problem is the filthy conditions in the hallway/front apartment.

    As for calling 311, not yet. But I'm planning on speaking with the landlord when he comes for the rent.

  4. Well, water bugs are not regular bugs. They tend to come to our house in the summer and we stop seeing them in the fall. My parents, who live in a very well kept apt building have water bugs too, only in the summer. They are gross.