Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Discovery

As you are all well aware, I adore dark chocolate. My pantry is eternally stocked with baking cocoa for truffles, and I scoop up Cadbury's Royal Dark whenever it's on sale. Given my typical stress level these days, I consider it medicine.

I've been suffering through a bout of gastronomic discord for the past week (B'H' for the car accident), and feeling utterly lousy. I've tried fruit and ginger tea, which helped but certainly didn't solve the problem. I've tried popcorn and steamed veggies, to no avail. I was thinking I'll just have to muddle along until things either straighten themselves out or I wind up in hospital again, chasve shalom.

This morning I was eating an orange (see, fruit) when I got a craving for a mocha. First, I was happy that I had a craving, since I haven't been feeling hungry all week. So that was encouraging, and I made myself the mocha. I mean, heck, there sure isn't much further to go down the feeling lousy scale (bli ayin hara). And wouldn't you know it? Chocolate really is a miracle food! I actually felt quite a bit better. I of course had to make myself another. :)

So let go of that residual guilt you may have about scarfing down that Hershey's chocolate bar. I, for one, say "Go for it"!


  1. I love the one with nuts, but it's usually milchig and I'm usually not. :-(

  2. I can sympathise with your dilemma. Any loss of chocolate, especially good chocolate is just...difficult... :)