Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Connect The Dots

If you think about it, the brain is a pretty amazing; it is constantly making/deleting/referencing a repository of connections to help us navigate our way through life. Most of those connections happen on an intuitive, unconscious level. But even with emotions, such connections play a large role. That's why, when you get to be my age, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a set of what we politely call "baggage".

It occurred to me earlier today that I had made an emotional connection that had, until recently, guided me to making various decisions. What's fascinating to me about this realization is that I finally see clearly how I specifically made the choices I did because the choices awarded me with comfort through the said emotional connection. So while I like to think that I'm of average intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, I was obviously unprepared until now to see that connection, rethink it, and let it go.

Of course, I now have to settle for the outcomes of the choices I have made until now, both good and bad. But I suppose that's what life if all about. So here's to recognizing associations in due time, so that health on all levels- emotional, mental, physical, spiritual- can prevail.

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