Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baruch Dayan Emet/ Mazal Tov

In the last 24 hours I've heard news worthy of a mazal tov and a Baruch Dayan Emet. SIGH.

First, the good news! I recently got back in touch with a school friend of mine who made aliyah a while back. When we were in school together, I stayed at her house one Shabbos (I was living in the dorm), and had the pleasure of meeting her family. B'H', all but one are now married, and she is a Bubbe many times over. As for her youngest, who reached bar mitzvah the last semester of school, I recall him to be a very sweet, heimshe, bright boy. Well, I'm now officially old, because she emailed me his wedding video. It was a pleasure to behold. P, MAZAL TOV!

This afternoon I caught up with a friend of mine down south. She unfortunately informed me that a mutual friend of ours passed away right before Pesach. She said she had spoken to her two days prior, and our friend was fine and predictably in the middle of Pesach preparations. Then, in a blink, she was in the ER and never made it home. Unbelievable. Leah was so full of life, so outgoing and kind. And just like that- gone. The world has truly lost a good soul with her passing.

In light of these events, I decided I should shelve any grips I may have had throughout the day, and instead focus on feeling gratitude to be alive and well. And that, dear readers, is that. For now.

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