Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Thanks

I was on the phone with movers today, and I kept thinking about the apartment I rented. And the more I thought about it, the less happy with my decision I was.

Perhaps the upshot was the window situation. There are two extremely small windows in the basement, both of which are too small to accommodate air conditioners. More to the point, they have a security bars, and would require a stool to reach them. So on top of proving to be a fire hazard, they were also looking like a real problem in terms of humidity/air quality.

I started thinking about maybe offering to pay for a locksmith to replace the bars on one of the windows with the safety security bars, ones that you push and turn to open. And then it hit me: why the heck was I planning on moving into what basically constitutes an illegal dwelling with security hazards? For the few hundred dollars extra a month I'm paying at my current residence, isn't safety and air quality worth it? Yes, I'm unemployed as of the end of the month. And yes, I'm worried about making ends meet. But shouldn't I instead be focussing on finishing my allotted hours at work and then devoting my time on unemployment to looking for work and finding a more suitable apartment?

I must admit that I was sadly disappointed that I rushed into this basement apartment. But at least the situation was reversible. I called the "new" landlady and informed her I would be picking up my cheque tomorrow. As for my current landlord, while he had arranged for new tenants, he was thrilled that I'm staying. I guess clean, quiet and conscientious is hard to find in Brooklyn, tee-hee. :p

So for now, I'm planning on staying right here, and devoting my attention to procuring work. And if I find another apartment, so be it. And if not? Heck, I can always get some Touro girl as a roommate come fall, right? But maybe it's time that I embrace my current dwelling and get used to calling it home sweet home. :)


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are staying where you are! A basement with no air?! A fire hazard?! Bars on the windows so you can't place an air conditioner?!
    That is not for you.

    I am very proud and happy that you made the decision to stay.