Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh No They Didn't!

Tonight, I decided to finish up my designated shopping by zooming into Moishas. Surprisingly, I hit the place during a lull, and made it to the express checkout. After a couple of minutes, it became evident that the cashier was on break, yet nobody was covering the express lane and the light was still on. Just then, the manager strolled by, and told me that the aisle was in fact closed. Since I found his tone to be rather rude, I decided to point to him that if that was the case, perhaps he should shut off the light. There was a nice line forming behind me by then. So I informed everyone that the line was in fact closed, when the manager decided to throw us a bone: the cashier would be back in 5 minutes. Ok? I told him in a clear as a bell tone that I personally didn't find that acceptable but whatever.

Really, having worked my share of minimum wage jobs, I certainly understand about a cashier going on break. That was not, imho, the issue. Rather, his lack of concern for customers was the part that got my goat. Then again, with the exception of the one shop that recently opened up in our neighbourhood, one can't make a case for ANY of the shops being customer-friendly. It's like, yeah, you work hard for your money and there's not enough time in the day. But just give us the money. I suppose I'm getting old and nostalgic for when citizens were considerate of perfect strangers, let alone "loyal" customers. Welcome to Brooklyn, everyone!


  1. I would be furious too. I think the art of customer service is long dead especially in Heimishe establishments.

  2. I've got to agree with you, and I personally find it offensive that yiddin treat each other callously. I know "that's just how it is", but I for one wish it wasn't the case...