Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things that Make You Go Hmmmm

Surprise, surprise.

I got a call from the OD's office today. They claimed that they couldn't make out my voice mail (naturally), but once I explained that I had found the doctor to be withholding medical information, he got right on the phone. As in, two seconds later.

All business now, he claimed that this was the first he had heard that I had a complaint. So I explained that I had found his prior suggestion that I just stick a trial pair of contacts in and see how I feel to be an unsatisfactory response to my question about whether the diameter of the given lens would probably suit my eye. I reminded him that while I could understand he wanted to make sales, that I had been upfront when I had called the three times prior to the appointment that I only wanted an exam and a prescription.

B'H', he volunteered that the lens should probably fit my eye sufficiently, and if I wanted him to take a look at my eye while I am wearing a trial pair, he will make sure to charge me a "reasonable" amount. Given the designer eye wear he carries in his shop, I believe this his idea of reasonable and my idea of reasonable are quite far apart price-wise. But I am happy to report that in the end, I got the confirmation I had be seeking.

On a totally unrelated topic, for those Americans out there, remember that everything is relative. Everyone and their dog lately is bemoaning the fact that in Saudi Arabia, gas is a pittance, i.e., costs cents a gallon, versus here. Well, I will have you know that in Canada, gas is sold by the litre, and for those of you who never learned the metric system, a gallon is equivalent to 3.7854 litres. That being said, the going rate for a litre of gas at Canadian pumps is currently hanging around the $1.28 mark. In short, each gallon of gas is topping $4.85. Perhaps now you all may understand why Canadians love compact cars; gas has historically been more expensive in Canada than in America. So, no more complaining, people!

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