Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Technology leads the path to California

Sometimes technology is a most wondrous thing. I've been having tremendous problems with my voice lately, and discovered yesterday (after losing my voice completely from overuse) that the problems are probably due to acid stemming from all my digestive woes. That being said, I am now mute (to my husband's delight, no doubt!), and forced to rely on text messaging/chat programs/the internet to communicate. Now just think about that: any other time in history, and I would be forced to injure my mangled vocal chords further by speaking because no other options would be available. As much as I hate all the problems that come with technology (mainly impatience on my part as I wait for my slow-as-molasses laptop to load whatever page I'm attempting to view, but also call waiting, expensive batteries, trojan horses, etc.), right now I'm just loving it. And yes, for all of you Jewish mothers out there, I've made an appointment with an ENT...

I've spent the last several days helping my husband cobble together a resume and cover letter. As someone who has worked primarily for himself his whole life, my DH was quite unfamiliar with the whole concept of resumes and cover letters. B'H', that type of writing is also up my alley, so I've adopted the role of Supreme Editor this past week, helping him whip his entries into shape so that he can properly apply for jobs. Like that one out in California (woo-hoo)!

Truth be told, it was precisely that job in California that made us put the peddle to the metal where his resume was concerned. It may be almost midnight here on the East Coast, but thankfully out in California, it's only mid-evening, since the deadline for my husband to apply for that position is tonight. I just sent my husband the final updated version of the resume, along with his references, so we made the submissions deadline with time to spare according to California time. And that's just fine by me.

So everyone, let's all daven really hard to Hashem that my husband gets this job. I've already expanded my current job search and started applying to jobs in California. Yes, very yekkish, but I can't help it, people. Anyhow, with Hashem's help and a good dose of mazel, it should all be for the best, bli ayin hara!

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