Monday, July 7, 2008

T-Shirt Mania

It's only the second week of July, but I am already obsessing about buying a few new essentials for my wardrobe. To be frank, while I am neither a fashionista nor someone who enjoys shopping, I will bite the bullet and hit the shops if I really need something. Case in point: this past May, when I noted how my tichels from last summer were disintegrating into a mass of fringes, I went scouring the $ stores for bandannas. My current obsession with adding a few pieces to my summer wardrobe happened to crest this week, because my second "new" skirt (which I purchased this past December) finally went kaput after I subjected it to innumerable washings.

As I was combing the racks yesterday in Conway hoping to find just the right items (read tznius and age-appropriate), I noticed the most beautiful t-shirts: in the softest colours, made of very feminine fabric, featuring the most glam prints. My mouth practically started to water as I tried to convince myself that the tasteful nature of the print rendered the shirt appropriate for someone middle-aged like myself. After a 20 minute internal battle, during which I envisioned myself walking down Avenue J in the said shirt paired with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and my favourite jean skirt, my yekki nature won out and I put the shirt back on the rack. I am, after all, a Rebbetzin...

Anyhow, the ordeal convinced me that what I really need are two white and two black long-sleeved t-shirts for the summer for layering. So there you have it. In the name of tznius, my hunt continues...

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