Sunday, July 12, 2009


Back in the day (ok, waaaaay back in the day), I used to watch the Sunday matinee feature on fuzzy PBS from Plattsburgh. It was kind of a tradition I had with my Dad- cram ourselves into "the den", angle the rabbit ears for optimal reception on the 13" b&w (our only tv), and settle in for the two back-to-back features.

The matinees invariably consisted of film classics, and it was on those Sunday afternoons that I fell in love with film. Music, literature- those I lived and breathed already, courtesy of my Mom the Musician, and my proclivity for writing. But film? That I attribute to good ol' PBS. Without them, I would've never found myself switching my major to Film Studies in university.

It was on those Sundays afternoons that I fell head over heels for Film Noir. Something about the moral ambiguity of the characters, the drama, the vague cheesiness, and most of all the light that our little set captured so marvellously- I was just hooked. To this day, I rank Sunset Boulevard as my favourite William Holden film, and Touch of Evil as just plain epic. Forget Psycho- Janet Leigh in Touch of Evil is AWESOME.

So imagine my surprise when MSN, not exactly a bastion of information typically relevant to my life, posts a Film Noir quiz? Sweet! You can take the quiz here. Thanks MSN, for a quick trip down memory lane.

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